Who We Are

For three generations, OUNCE COLLECTION has  been  forging  new relationships in the diamond industry while maintaining an outstanding reputation with our clients.  Our philosophy embraces the belief that providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction,  unique selection,  and  fast service will result in a long-term client relationship.

Withstanding the test of time,  our  jewelry  combines innovative artistry  with a  sharp focus  on  perfection in design and manufacturing resulting in stunning beauty and elegance in every piece. Coupled with our competitive pricing, OUNCE COLLECTION truly outshines the competition.

Our work approach, devoid of cheap labor, is continually evolving.  Using the latest technology in computer aided design, we can bring your custom design concepts to  life in a cost effective and highly efficient manner.  Our exceptionally experienced professional staff, designers, and certified jewelers all work together to bring a modern style to a classic tradition.